Taylor Weld Flux Scaler with Chisel Bit T-7356AS


Scaler-Comes w/Chisel Bit T-633


The T-7356A has many applications. Chipping concrete and brick, cleaning castings, paint, and rust removal. Comes with A-633 1-3/8" head chisel.

  • 4500 Blows per minute
  • 10.25" Length
  • 6 pounds
  • 90 PSI max air pressure
  • 1/4"  NPT Air inlet
  • 10 Air Cons. @ Load

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 3 × 2 in
Driver Retainer T-735638$15.00
Retainer Buffer T-735639$3.00
Retainer Clip T-735641$4.25
Taylor Scaler Air Rebuild Kit T-7356-AK$27.18
Taylor Scaler Complete Rebuild Kit T-7356-COMP$92.13
Taylor Scaler Internal Rebuild Kit T-7356-IK$42.70
Taylor Scaler Mid Tune Kit T-7356-MK$69.88
Taylor Scaler Backhead T-735601$49.50
Taylor Scaler O-Ring T-735602$2.05
Taylor Scaler Throttle Valve T-735603$11.03
Taylor Scaler Throttle Valve Spring T-735604$1.50
Taylor Scaler Gasket T-735605$1.50
Taylor Scaler Valve Cap T-735606$11.10
Taylor Scaler Lever T-735607$13.25
Taylor Scaler Pin T-735608$1.58
Taylor Scaler Hose Adapter T-735609$7.50
Taylor Scaler Locking Ring T-735610$13.75
Taylor Scaler Alignment Shim T-735628$3.94
Taylor Scaler Rear Valve Block T-735629$19.35
Taylor Scaler Internal Pin (2 pcs.) T-735630$3.84
Taylor Scaler Internal Valve T-735631$1.40
Taylor Scaler Front Valve Block T-735632$17.75
Taylor Scaler Piston T-735633$17.70
Taylor Weld Flux & Needle Barrel Sleeve T-735635$110.00
Taylor Scaler Nose T-735636$32.98
Taylor Scaler Key T-735637$3.35
Taylor Weld Flux/ Needle Scaler Barrel Assembly T-735640$87.10

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