Taylor 2″ Stroke 4 Bolt Chipping Hammer T-4B2


T-4B2 4 Bolt 2″ Stroke


The T-4B2 rugged chipping hammer is designed for construction duty use. Solid steel construction and hard hitting tool steel pistons give years of service. use 90 PSI to get maximum life. Higher pressure shortens tool life. Available in 2 different shaft sizes .680 Round Shank Oval Collar.

  • 2400 Strokes Per Minute
  • 1-1/8" x 2" Bore & Stroke
  • 14.4" Length
  • 17.5# Weight
  • .680 R or .580 H Shank
  • 90 PSI Max Air Pressure
  • 3/8" NPT Air Inlet
  • 25 Air Cons. @ Load

Additional information

Weight 19 lbs
Dimensions 17 × 9 × 3 in
Taylor Heavy Duty Lock Coil Spring T-23434$2.25
Taylor Sleeve Retainer T-23431$66.98
Taylor 4-Bolt Handle T-2344B01$258.75
Taylor 4-Bolt Metal Trigger T-2344B02M$15.50
Taylor 4-Bolt Throttle Valve Bushing T-2344B03$26.05
Taylor 4-Bolt Throttle Valve Stem T-2344B04$7.50
Taylor 4-Bolt Throttle Valve Spring T-2344B05$3.88
Taylor 4-Bolt Air Inlet O-Ring T-2344B06$0.75
Taylor 4-Bolt Air Inlet 3/8" T-2344B07$18.67
Taylor 4- Bolt Trigger Pin T-2344B09$3.75
Taylor 4-Bolt Handle/Body O-Ring T-2344B10$2.80
Taylor 4-Bolt Disc Valve T-2344B11$5.50
Taylor 4-Bolt Valve Seat T-2344B12$50.25
Taylor 4-Bolt Valve Seat Bumper T-2344B13$3.75
Taylor 4-Bolt Valve Block Dowel Pin T-2344B14$6.00
Taylor 4 Bolt Absorber Ring T-2344B18$3.75
Taylor 4- Bolt Cylinder Flange T-2344B19$81.75
Taylor 4-Bolt Handle Bolt T-2344B20$8.00
Taylor 4-Bolt Handle Vibration Spacer T-2344B21$1.47
Taylor 4-Bolt Handle Bolt Spacer T-2344B22$2.80
Taylor 4-Bolt Nyloc Handle Nut T-2344B23$1.25
Taylor 4 Bolt Deflector Shield T-2344B26$17.50
Taylor 4-Bolt 2" Piston T-24B15$18.07
Taylor 2" Stroke Cylinder .680 T-24B16A$408.25
Taylor 4 Bolt Deflector Shield T-44B26$22.50

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