Taylor Long Reach Pole Scraper with 4″ Scraper Blade T-7603


Long Reach Pole Scrapper


The Taylor Pneumatic Long Reach Pole Scraper is ideal for the removal of various product, materials and has many applications, including chipping and scraping. The Taylor pneumatic Pole Scraper is an air controlled Long Reach Pole Scraper as a heavy-duty tool constructed of steel, with precision machined and hardened parts, and a heat-treated piston and barrel, in order to assure a long life in medium-industrial environment. A 4" scraper blade chisel ( T-760326) is included. The operator uses a lever throttle on the to control material removal. Comes with two extension bars shown above. 71" Overall length, 47" O.A.L and 24" O.A.L* Rubber Handle Grips.


  • Blows Per Min. 2200
  • Bore & Stroke 1.12 x 1.53
  • Length in. 24 to 83
  • Weight lbs. 13.5
  • Air Pressure 90 PSI MAX
  • Air Inlet NPT 1/4"
  • Air Cons. @ Load 13

Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 4 in
Taylor Long Reach T-7603 Valve Cap T-760301$4.75
Taylor T-7603 Long Reach Valve Cap O-Ring T-760302$1.25
Taylor Long Reach T-7603 Valve Spring T-760303$1.25
Taylor Long Reach Scaler Valve Stem T-760304$3.75
Taylor T-7603 Long Reach Valve Stem O-Ring T-760305$1.25
Taylor T-7603 Long Reach Valve Body T-760306$30.50
Taylor T-7603 Long Reach Throttle Lever T-760307$7.50
Taylor T-7603 Long Reach Roll Pin T-760308$0.85
Taylor Long Reach T-7603 Ext. Bar O-Ring T-760315A$1.50
Taylor Long Reach Scaler Extension Bar T-760319-2$89.50
Taylor Long Reach Extension O-Ring T-760319A$1.50
Taylor Long Reach Needle Scaler Attachment T-7603AT$225.75

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