Texas 3/4″ FRL Combination N33386W


Texas Pneumatic

3/4″ Midflow FRL Combination



3/4" Pipe Size Midflow FRL Combination 20 oz. Bowl Capacity, metal Bowl with sight.

Particulate Filter- F386W-245 Max. Flow SCFM, Zinc, black coated, Max. supply pressure 250 psig, Operating temperature range 40°F to 160°F,40 micron sintered bronze element offers depth filtration. High strength,recleanable, 10 oz. or 20 oz. black coated metal, bowl with liquid level sight,Manual twist drain, High Flow, low pressure drop

Regulator R376- 220 Max Flow SCFM, Supply Pressure 250 psig, Operating Pressure Range 5 to 125 psig, Operating Temperature Range 40°F to 120°

Lubricator L386W-142 Max Flow SCFM, Zinc, black coated Max. pressure range 200 psig, Operating temperature range 40°F to 175°F, Recommended Oil SAE 10 oil or lighter, 3 scfm to establish drip rate, Atomized average 2 micron droplet, Oil delivery at low air flow approximately 2 scfm, Lubricator may be filled without shutting down air line 3-position non-rising adjustment knob; push to lock, pull to adjust, detach for tamper resistant

Additional information

Weight 11 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 4 × 12 in