Texas 1/2″ FRL Combination N33374M


Texas Pneumatic

1/2″ Midflow FRL Combination



1/2″ Midflow FRL Combination with metal bowl & nipple connectors

F374 Particulate Filter - Max Flow 160 SCFM, 10 oz Bowl Capacity, 40 micron sintered bronze element offers depth filtration. High strength, re cleanable, manual twist drain, high flow, low pressure drain, operating pressure range 30 - 175 psi, operating temperature range 40 F - 120 F

R374- Regulator- Max. Flow 215 SCFM , micro finished brass seat to ensure no reduced pressure creep, three position non-rising adjustment knob, push to lock, pull to adjust, detach to make tamper resistant

L374- Lubricator - Max Flow 142 SCFM, 10 oz Bowl Capacity, oil delivery at low air flow approx 2 scfm, 3-position non-rising adj. knob


Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 3 × 9 in