Milton 6mm Plastic Air Multiplier 160X5P



6mm Plastic Air Multiplier



You can now add more power to your blow gns without having to buy a larger compressor or additional dedicated high-flow blow gns with S-160X5P High Flow Venturi Air Multiplier Blow Gns Nozzle!  X5 Air Multipliers attach to your existing blow gns, providing a dramatic increase in CFM output when you need it. Simply add the X5 Air Multiplier for more CFM and remove it for regular blow gns use. Rigid molded plastic construction meets OSHA requirements, is economical, and won't corrode.


For pistol-style blow gns with a 6mm nozzle, simply loosen the X5 Air Multiplier collar, slide onto the blow gns shaft, tighten the collar, and BLOW. For thumb switch blow gns, remove the X5 Air Multiplier collar, thread onto the blow gns, and BLOW. Caution: Always wear the proper personal protective equipment when using blow gns.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 5 × 5 in