Needle Scaler Attachments & Parts

Needle Scaler Attachments & Parts

Various style scaler needle attachments

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Taylor 28 pack needles 3mm x 7″ T-7603AT22

Taylor 28 pack needles 3mm x 7" for T_7603 long reach  needle scaler attachment $21.68

 T-7603 Needles ( 28 PCS. )

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Taylor 3MM x 7” 100 pack T-735646H

Taylor 3MM x 7'' 100 pack of Needles for needle scaler T-7356 $80.26

Needle Scaler (100 Pieces)

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Taylor Long Reach Needle Scaler Attachment T-7603AT

Taylor converts the long reach scraper into long reach needle scarler with 19 4mm needles  (optional) $215.75

LR Needle Scaler Attach

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