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Safety Locking Cables

Safety Locking Cables

Durable heavy duty steel cables help prevent injury from accidental separation of clamp and coupling devices.Both ends of this whip check are adjustable by pulling the collar back and widening the loop. Once the cable is over the fitting release, it will tighten around the hose. NOTE: Always bleed air pressure on hose before removing safety lock cable.

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    Texas Safety Lock Cable TX-SLC1

    Safety Lock Cable(1/8" x 20″  Application Hose ID  1/2"- 1-1/4") Regular Helps to prevent injuri... $9.75

    Texas Pneumatic

    Safety Lock Cable(1/8" x 20″ Application Hose ID 1/2"- 1-1/4")

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    Texas Safety Lock Cable TX-SLC2

    Safety Lock Cable(1/4 x 38″ Application Hose ID for 1-1/2"-3") Helps to prevent injuries caused by... $16.01

    Texas Pneumatic

    Safety Lock Cable(1/4" x 38″ Application Hose ID 1-1/2"-3")

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