Texas Dust Collection System (3″) TX-DCS3

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Dust Collection System (3″) with Cart

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TX-DCS3 Dust Collection System (3")  with Cart

Portable Dust Collection System (3") to conform with OSHA Directive 1926.1153 for Crystalline Silica containment.  This compressed air powered system can be used with compressed air powered tools or electric tools.  It can be used with percussion tools, drills, saws or grinders, and it is designed to work with one tool at a time.  The unit requires approximately 45 cfm of compressed air at 90 psi (pressure required for most air tools to operate properly) to create the suction (vacuum) needed to draw the dust away from the work being performed.  The large shroud on the inlet allows the tool to be unencumbered by a vacuum hose.  The shroud can be easily moved with the tool to keep the silica dust away from the user.

For Multi-Users, the optional TX-DCS-MU5-A attachment can be used with the system.  This attachment will allow up to 5 workers on one system.  The TX-DCS-MU5-A attachment comes with 5 vacuum hoses (25' each), 5 vacuum hose whips (5' each) and 5 - TX-2AM Mini Air Movers.  The TX-2AM Mini Air Movers are the vacuums.  These Mini Air Movers supply the suction power needed to draw the dust away from the tool.  The 2" Vacuum Hose can be adapted to any vacuum port on any tool.  Adapters sold separately.

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Weight 245 lbs
Dimensions 59 × 30 × 80 in