Texas 3/4″ Arrowick Lubricator 4106LCM


Texas Pneumatic

3/4″ Arrowick Lubricator with sight glass, 60 ounce bowl capacity.



Automatically maintains air-oil ration regardless of air pressure fluctuations, 60 oz. Bowl Capacity.The bowl can be filled while the air line is under pressure.

Operating temperature range 40 to 160 degrees Fahrenheit.

Maximum operating pressure – 250 PSI..

Max. Flow SCFM 175

Recommended Oil SAE 10 oil or lighter, min. air flow for lubrication 30 scfm to establish drip rate

  • Simple, trouble free design. It cannot be
    over-filled, and has greater bowl capacity
    which extends interval between filling
  • Can be used downstream of 4 way valves
    because it accommodates reverse flow
  •  Bowl fills all the way to the top
  • It can be filled under pressure no need to
    shut down air
  • Tamper-proof internal adjustment
  •  Porous bronze oil metering diffuser
    introduces smallest possible oil particles
    to the air
  • No small orifices to clog and
    stop oil delivery
  •  Automatically maintains air-oil ratio
    regardless of variations in air flow



Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 14 in