OMNI Quickship Steel Lineshaft Curve Conveyor LSSC


OMNI Quickship Steel Lineshaft Curve Conveyor LSSC



Lineshaft Conveyors are live roller conveyors capable of accumulating
products with minimum back pressure. They are also quiet-running and
require minimal maintenance.

Standard Specifications:

Frame - 5 1/2 in. deep x 12 ga. galvanized steel channel with bolt in cross members and end caps. Outside rail has “triple-punched” hex holes to allow skewing of rollers to affect product tracking.
Between Frame Widths - 14 in., 18 in., 22 in. and 32 in.
between frames.
Curves - 45° and 90° curves have a 36 in. inside radius.
Rollers - 2 1/2 in. dia. tapered to 1 11/16 in. x 14 ga. zinc plated
rollers. Grease packed ball bearings. Spaced on 3 in. centers
along the centerline.
Floor Supports - Adjustable 36 in. to 48 in. top of roller.
Slave Driven - Curves are slaved from drive shaft of straight
section. Shafts coupled by Delrin chain coupling at bed joints.
Drive Shaft - 1 in. dia. steel with Delrin spools, clips, 3/16 in.
urethane drive belts and universal joints as required.
Spool Guard - Encloses underside of drive shaft, spools and
drive belts.
Capacity - Same “Per Foot” capacity as straight sections

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Between Frame Width

14" BF, 18" BF, 22" BF, 32" BF

Curve Degree

45°, 90°