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OMNI Quickship Steel Gravity Roller Curve Conveyor GPHC1.9×16

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OMNI Quickship Steel Gravity Roller Curve Conveyor GPHC1.9×16

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OMNI 1.9 in. dia. Gravity Roller Curve Conveyors are for use in permanent installations to carry medium weight packages. They are compatible with straight sections, providing flexibility to your conveyor line.

Standard Specifications:
Frame - 3 1/2 in. deep x 1 1/2 in. flange x 10 ga. galvanized steel
channel with bolt-in cross members.
Between Frame Widths - 18 in. and 22 in. between frames.
Curves - 45° and 90° with 32 1/2 in. inside radius for 18 in. and
22 in. widths.
End Couplers - Bolt-on type for bolting sections together.
Rollers -1.9 in. dia. x 16 ga. galvanized steel tubing. Grease
packed ball bearings both ends.
Axles - 7/16 in. spring retained hex axle spaced on 3 in. equivalent
Capacity - Same “Per Foot” capacity as straight sections.

Additional information

Between Frame Width

18" BF, 22" BF

Curve Degree

45°, 90°