Fake Rolex
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    Taylor Heavy Duty Lock Coil Spring T-23434

    Taylor Lock-coil Spring $2.25

    Lock-coil Spring

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    Taylor Sleeve Retainer T-23431

    Taylor 4- Bolt OEM Replacement Parts T-#24B, #34B, #44B Sleeve Retainer $57.25

    T-#24B, #34B, #44B Sleeve Retainer

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    Taylor T-#2 Plug Throttle Valve T-23401

    Taylor T-2  Plug Throttle Valve $7.25

    T-2, 3, 4 Plug Throttle

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    Taylor T-#2 Bushing T-23404

    Taylor T-#2 Bushing $8.50

    T-2, 3, 4 Bushing

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    Taylor T-#2 Flipper Valve T-23416

    Taylor T-#2 Flipper Valve $5.50

    T-2, 3, 4 Flipper Valve

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    Taylor T-#2 Handle O-Ring T-23405

    Taylor T-2 Handle O-Ring $1.00

    T-2, 3, 4 Handle O-Ring

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    Taylor T-#2 Internal Pin T-23420

    Taylor T-2 Internal Pin x 2 $6.00

    T-2, 3, 4 Internal Pin x 2

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    Taylor T-#2 Lower Valve Case T-23418

    Taylor T-2 Lower Valve Case $21.50

    T-2, 3, 4  Lower Valve

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    Taylor T-#2 Push Pin Handle Bushing T-23407

    Taylor T-2 Push Pin Handle Bushing $5.50

    T-2, 3, 4 Handle Bushing

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    Taylor T-#2 Throttle Pin T-23406

    Taylor T-#2 Throttle Pin $4.25

    T-2, 3, 4 Throttle Pin

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    Taylor T-#2 Upper Valve Case T-23415

    Taylor T-#2 Upper Valve Case $29.50

    T-2, 3, 4 Upper Valve

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    Taylor T-#2 Valve T-23417

    Taylor T-2 Valve $21.50

    T-2, 3, 4  Valve

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    Taylor T-#2 Valve Throttle T-23403

    Taylor T-#2 Valve Throttle $4.50

    T-2, 3, 4 Valve - Throttle

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    Taylor T-#2, 3 & 4 Complete Rebuild Kit

    Taylor T-2 Complete Rebuild Kit 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,15,16,17,18,20 x 2, 31,34 $177.00

    T-2, 3, 4 Compl. Rebuild

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    Taylor T-#2, 3 & 4 Internal Rebuild Kit T-234-IK

    Taylor T-#2 Internal Rebuild Kit $84.00

    T-2, 3, 4 Internal Kit

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    Throttle T-#2 Valve Spring T-23402

    Throttle Valve Spring $2.40

    T-2, 3, 4 Throttle Valve Spring

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