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Great Taylor Rivnut Tool Uses


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Are you looking for different ways to use a Taylor rivnut tool? Do you often wonder what all uses you might have for a rivnut? If so, then you need to learn more about how to use a rivnut tool and what the different ways to use it are.

Having a pneumatic rivnut tool can help you easily place rivet nuts into different places such as a truck's trailer door and stainless-steel beams.

After learning the different uses for them, you might realize all the different ways they can help you. See below for an in-depth guide on the Taylor rivnut tool.

What Is a Taylor Rivnut Tool?

As you may or may not know, a rivnut can have several different applications. Its main use is as a fastener that you plug into metal applications. They can be installed into almost any thickness level and hold their quality for years to come.

However, the process in which to plug those rivet nuts requires a specific tool. Many people try to use an electric or battery powered drill, but in doing so, they sabotage the quality of the rivet nut that they have installed.

That's where the Taylor rivnut tool comes in handy. This tool comes with amazing power, offering 350 & 600 revolutions per minute options at 90 PSI. You can purchase additional size heads to use for any size of rivet nut your project requires.

Its main purpose is to help you replace your weld nuts with rivet nuts. It makes that process a whole lot easier with easy forward and reverse triggers, like a power drill.

This can be used for anyone working in industries such as electronics, defense, aerospace, appliance, or anything else that uses heavy equipment. It is also a favorite among sheet metal users and those in the metal fabrication industry.

At only $535, this pneumatic rivnut tool has the power and durability that you and your staff need in your daily manufacturing tasks.

What Makes for the Right Rivnut Tool?

There are a few different rivnut tools on the market. Some people will also show you a rivnut tool that they have created on their own. Because of that, it can be easy to become confused about what makes for the proper rivnut tool.

The answer depends on your needs. If you are going to be installing rivet nuts in mass quantities (such as on a manufacturing line) then you will need a pneumatic tool, such as the Taylor rivnut tool.

Ideally, you will want to purchase a pneumatic power rivnut tool. That way, the process of replacing weld nuts and fastening the new rivet nut does not become time-consuming. Be sure to consider how many pneumatic Taylor rivnut tools you will need to purchase.

Ask yourself questions like how quickly do you need to be able to change out rivet nuts? What are some of the uses you have for a rivnut tool? How many different heads do you need for the Taylor rivnut tool?

What Are the Uses for a Taylor Rivnut Tool?

Now that you understand the handiness of a Taylor rivnut tool, you would be surprised at how many ways you can use it. Contrary to popular belief, it is not just for industrial manufacturing use.

You can use a Taylor rivnut tool on household appliances such as your refrigerator, washer, and dryer. They can fasten into the different materials to support the weight of these heavy machines in your home.

Some people also use them for bicycles and motorcycles since rivet nuts can absorb an immense amount of shock and hold up well against the elements.

Your warehouse or industrial plant will have double the usage. Not only can rivet nuts be used on the heavy machinery in your operations, but in your corporate offices as well. They can be used on desks, chairs, and heavy corporate appliances to keep them in great shape.

You can take the Taylor rivnut tool home and use it for leisure items such as that boat that you're restoring, the swimming pool you're looking to build, or on the appliances in your outdoor kitchen.

Rivet nuts are also helpful in playground equipment such as jungle gyms, slides, and merry go rounds. As you can see, the uses for rivet nuts are virtually limitless, meaning you will use your Taylor rivnut tool often.

Versatile for Different Materials

As previously mentioned, rivet nuts can be used on a variety of different material thicknesses and hold their own. All it takes is having the right tool to correctly install them.

This versatility can help you in many ways. Rivet nuts can be used on materials such as brass, stainless steel, engineered plastics, steel, copper, and aluminum. No matter what your appliances and machines are made of, it can do the trick.

Another benefit is that rivet nuts will not be damaged by immense heat. Therefore, you can use them on your machinery knowing that they will not wear out in higher temperatures like weld nuts would.

Invest in the Taylor Rivnut Tool Today

Now that you have seen all the different benefits and versatile ways to use your Taylor rivnut tool, it is time to invest in one for yourself.

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