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6 Pneumatic Tools That Can Help Any Construction Project

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Are you looking for different ways to improve the production of your construction company? Do you want to load up on tools for your home renovation projects? If so, then you need to load up on pneumatic tools to get the job done right the first time.

Doing so can help you equip your crew with powerful tools that will last you years on the job. You will get highly efficient equipment that can speed up construction and reduce turnaround time on a project.

See below for several pneumatic air tools that you need to stock up on for you and your construction crew.

1. Paint and Decal Removal Tool

Are you wanting to get rid of paint or rust on your materials? Do you want to speed up the process of removing paint so that it requires less time for your crew to perform? A paint and decal removal tool can help you do just that!

This Taylor paint removal tool can streamline that process for you. It has been proven to reduce paint removal projects by over 60-percent. It boasts over 3,600 revolutions per minute with an air pressure of up to 90 PSI.

It eliminates the need to remove the paint by hand. Be sure to invest in Eye protection for anyone that will be operating this tool.

2. Metal Keyless Chuck Drill

Tiny modifications make all the difference in construction. Throughout the day, your crew might have to switch out their drill bits 20 to 30 times a day minimum. That time can really add up if they must hand twist the drill chuck each time.

With a keyless drill chuck, it is as easy as reversing the drill chuck to take out the bit you were using, place the new drill bit in, then drill the chuck in a forward motion.

This Taylor drill w/ metal keyless chuck will speed up the entire process, making it easier to make a hole in metal, wood, plastic, or any other applicable material. You can then turn it into a screwdriver tip just as easily.

Your crew will have to drill thousands of holes on each given construction project. Using a keyless chuck drill will expedite that part of the project for years to come.

3. Right Angle Screwdriver

There are bound to be times in your construction projects in which fastening a screw into place is nearly impossible. Sometimes you only have an inch or so to tighten the screw between two beams, two walls, and so on.

Maybe you forgot to fasten the screws in place before installing a heavy piece of machinery. Perhaps you are building an appliance with minimum wiggle room for screwing in the pieces.

Whatever the case might be, a pneumatic tool such as the Taylor right-angle screwdriver can knock them out with ease. Simply fit it into the tight window and assemble the screw with 1500 revolutions per minute and air pressure of up to 90 PSI.

You can use this on things such as electrical outlets, wood screws, heavy manufacturing appliances, wallboards, carpentry, and installing doors and windows.

4. Rivnut Tool

For those of you that are unfamiliar, a rivet nut ("rivnut" for short) is a type of fastener that many experts prefer over weld nuts for load-bearing purposes. They can be installed into many different materials and almost any thickness.

However, installing these rivet nuts by hand can be quite time-consuming. But thanks to the Taylor rivnut tool, they can be installed within mere seconds.

It features a reverse and forward trigger so that you can take out the weld nuts and replace them with rivet nuts, only spending a minute or so on each replacement.

This can be helpful for construction projects, pool-building projects, maintenance to your work trucks, construction machinery, or appliances for your clients. You will find that rivet nuts are the most versatile fastener around, able to be used for almost any purpose.

5. Palm Grip Nail Driver

If your construction company does even the slightest bit of residential work, you will want to invest in a Palm grip nail driver for one of your go-to pneumatic air tools.

It makes it incredibly easy to nail down shingles, or place a stud as it holds down on each application, placing it in the perfect spot before hammering a large nail down with immense PSI.

Equipping your construction crew with a palm nailer can speed up repairs and help you get in the tight spots you hammer cannot. These palm grip nail drivers are durable and efficient. It will give you a high return on your investment.

6. Air Sander

Every construction project features several times where you need to sand down a few pieces of wood to ensure high-quality and the perfect fit.

While many people opt for an electric sander, those are not as reliable as you might think. They often overheat and are not intended to be used for more than an hour or so at a time.

By using an air sander, you eliminate that problem. The PSI in it will pack plenty of power and will be able to run all day with a lower risk of overheating. Be sure to pick up a few pneumatic air sander before your next project.

Invest In These Pneumatic Tools Before Your Next Construction Gig

Now that you have seen several essential pneumatic tools, it is time for you to find the right pneumatic tools supplier for the job.

Be sure to start by reading this article on what a keyless drill chuck is and why your crew needs one for their projects and daily tasks while on the job site.

For more inquiries, please be sure to reach out via our contact us page and we will be happy to assist you further.